Buy EU Boat License online

Buy EU Boat License

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Types of boats

Boating on the Royal Military Canalat Hythe

Boats (boat types) can be categorized into 3 different types of board categories: unpowered, motor boats, and sailboats.Recreational boats (sometimes called pleasure craft, especially for less sporting activities) fall into several broad categories, and additional subcategories. Broad categories include dinghies (generally under 16 feet (5 m) powered by sail, small engines, or muscle power) usually made from hardwood or inflatable rubber. paddle sports boats (kayaks, rowing shells, canoes), runabouts (15–25 ft. (5–8 m) powerboats with either outboard, sterndrive, or inboard engines),[3] daysailers (14–25 Ft. (4–8 m) sailboats, frequently with a small auxiliary engine), cruisers (25–65 ft. (8–20 m) powerboats with cabins), and cruising and racing sailboats (25–65 Ft. (8–20 m) sailboats with auxiliary engines). Center console (18 to 75 ft. (18-23m) power boats that have a large interior typically used for fishing, with its high speed performance design and engine also used in water sports.[4] Deck Boats (25-35 ft.(8-11m) that characterized with an open deck area and used typically for leisure activities.[3]Lifeboats (smaller, quicker water crafts equipped with emergency equipment in which to help voyagers in case of emergency in the water.[3]

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