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Ultimate Guides to New Identity

The Ultimate Guides…to New Identity
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Ultimate Guides to New Identity

Leave the past. Start life over.

We all think about leaving or “starting life over,” but what does it take to do it? Maybe you can’t stand the people around you, or you’re stuck in a job “going nowhere,” or, worse, you’re in an abusive, dangerous relationship. It’s not only time to hit the road, you must leave!

Written by expert author, Barry Reid (of “Paper Trip” fame), this all-new book spells out every aspect of disappearing in America. For over thirty years Reid has counseled people whose lives required “going underground” in order to start their lives over safely.

You can benefit from their experiences and his practical advice with “how-to” information on everything you need to know:

  • Planning your “escape.”
  • Deciding what to take with you.
  • How to get where you’re going.
  • Arranging things in advance.
  • Fast, safe ways to make money.
  • Getting new credit quickly.
  • Transitioning into a new ID.
  • Best places to live and why.
  • Low-profile living techniques.
  • Using mail drops properly.
  • Establishing a new identity.
  • Getting a new SSN
  • Taking kids, if necessary.
  • Regaining property left behind.
  • Using attorneys advantageously.

PLUS hundreds of practical,

useful, even “lifesaving” ideas for success in your new life. This inspiring book tells exactly what you need to know, how best to go about it, and what you can expect once you DO decide to disappear in America.

Why suffer a miserable “existence” when you can “escape “ into an entirely new life? Reid’s new book is a detailed roadmap for getting where you really want to be! Great reading!

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