Shopping For A New Identity

New Identity package

New Identity package

I was surfing the high digital seas of the darknet the other day and came across a couple sites that I thought were interesting and would share with you all. The first site is an emporium that sells a little of everything but mostly drugs but in their “forgeries and counterfeit” section I came across some goodies in their internal search engine. Primarily what I am going to bring you today kids is how you too can buy forged documents in the darknet to start a new life somewhere in the world. Watch now as I unfold to you this tale of tradecraft and OPSEC….

PSA: Ok ok, yeah buying this stuff in the darknet is likely to have one of three outcomes..

1) You pay and you get nothing.

2) You pay and you get arrested when you pick up the package.

3) You pay, you get the package, and then are arrested trying to use the documents.


Right, back to the whole buying fake documents and how to use them thing! So if you do want to have an alternate identification you can attempt to use the documents being sold in the darknet but you have to do your leg work too. See, if you want a real and lasting identity (other than your own) then you have to do this slowly and carefully. Much of this really relies on the quality of the documents as well as the backstopping you will need to do in order to have at least a chance of using them effectively. The first thing you will want to do is get an SSN that is clean and with the way things are now so interconnected, it may be harder today than it was in the almost recent past to get a clean one that is age appropriate to you.

Yes, they are tagged by age you know…

Used to be a day when you could go all “Day of the Jackal” and find someone who was approximately your age in a cemetery who had died young. You could then get the birth certificate (buy it) and then use that to start the process. Now, today that may be harder but if you are like me, it may be something that they did not digitize yet (old) so you could either get a new SSN card by paying for that one as well, with the birth cert and likely another ID like a drivers license (which you can purchase in the darknet too) and you have a real one. Or, you could get this person’s SSN number and just have that used on the fake card you want to buy in the darknet. Either way, you are backstopping the identity by doing this and thus may even pass a cursory investigation by the likes of the police.

New Identity package

An alternative to this would be to just pick someone out that you have their data and start there with their SSN on a new card along with a drivers license and such. It really depends on how deeply you want to go though. See, what is being sold on this particular site is really geared more to creating a quick ID to use for fraud (carding, creating new bank accounts, etc) which to me is less of a challenge than actually having a backstopped and living second identity that you can use to just disappear with if need be. But to have such a thing you have to maintain it all as well as get the right documentation and quality of product.


New Identity package

New Identity package

If you are going to create a second or even a tertiary identity then you will need all these kinds of documents as well as the odd ones shown above such as bills with your name and address on it to start accounts. Those accounts, should include a residence, an apartment say, and should be maintained with actual mail and traffic that can be actually verified as existing if you are going long term. Bank accounts with actual funds should be created as well as credit accounts that should be maintained and used to show a past history too. Basically you have to live that identity to some extent yourself to keep it alive and functional. I know, it’s a pain in the ass but if you want to really do it, well, you gotta have some responsibility here. This all would also include creating your own legend and potentially more paper trail such as some W2’s etc if you are going for the full Monty.

Some of you I can tell are thinking “fuck that” … Ok, well, up to you.

Anyway, there is a lot to this that I am not going to lay it all out for you as that might be bad. Suffice to say that you get what you paid for in the darknet so be careful and remember Caveat Emptor. There are many places to buy this stuff but just as many that are either federal fronts or scammers looking to just take your bitcoin and run.

Be careful out there… and you never saw me.

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